SYLO makes an impression within moments of experiencing one of his
unique and expressive sets.  Known for fostering a creative community in his hometown
of Philadelphia, SYLO has curated an array of events that have pushed culture
to new places by providing space for eccentric music lovers to collide.

Forward thinking but rooted in soul, SYLO’s
productions + selections are as eclectic as they are powerful. From dancehall
to house to uk club to ethereal yoga beats and back, SYLO’s passion for music and
uplifting his crowd glues his sets together, making them compelling and dramatic.
His talent and energy have brought him a plethora of performance opportunities: 
massive festival stages, unadulterated foreign clubs,
and exclusive intimate art shows. SYLO has a special ear
for sounds that touch people and pierce the ego. This,
combined with a serene enthusiasm, is how SYLO shares his light.